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Interviewing season is upon us...are you prepared? This post is geared toward interviewing preparation with, what I hope you find to be, helpful information! In order to be invited for an interview, you have to first apply to school districts (check back to the first post of January 2014), so make sure that step is complete. But it's what you do after you are invited for an interview that will help you obtain a teaching position...being prepared! Below are some easy steps to keep in mind when preparing for an interview, as well as afterward! Prior to the ...

It is about this time that many pre-service teachers are beginning or returning to their classrooms for their student-teaching experience. As you do so, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your personal teaching philosophy and what you hope to imbue in your students. Specifically, I encourage you to think about the importance of citizenship, responsibility, and community action. Your students are part of communities, many of which they define themselves, and all of which are larger than themselves. As effective educators, we seek to identify these communities and encourage our students to think critically about their ...

Do you believe? Take time to reflect on that question, and what it means to you as an educator. Whether you just graduated and are in the first weeks of your teaching experience, searching for a teaching position, or are getting ready to begin your student teaching, this is a very important question. Do you believe in yourself as a teacher? Do you believe in your students and that each and every one of them has the potential to succeed? Below is a video that you may have seen before, but I encourage you to watch it again; if you ...

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is ready for a fantastic 2014, and if you are searching for a teaching position this year, I wish you all the best! For those of you who have begun your search for a 2014-2015 academic year teaching position know the intensity and time that can go along with creating professional documents, gathering necessary materials, and identifying districts where you would like to teach. So, how do you get a job? The first step is to apply, but in order to do so you must be prepared! My advice is to pace yourself, but ...




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