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I recently came across the article courtesy of Robert Half International, Inc. a global staffing firm and thought it might be useful during this busy interviewing time. Performing well during the job interview is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. Every candidate wants to impress a prospective employer, but, despite his or her best efforts, not all do. Often, a simple mistake can cause an applicant to blow the entire meeting. Here are some errors to avoid: 1. Arriving late. Getting to an interview on time or, for that matter, a few minutes early is an ...

Here are some questions to ask yourself when going through the often difficult decision-making process. Getting Unstuck - Gaining Control 1. What are my assumptions? Many of us assume if only we could make the one right decision about the matter at hand, everything else would fall into place and we would be happy. Decisions are not black and white in terms of their consequences, but simply move you in one direction rather than another. Decisions open up some options and close off others. 2. What are my feelings? Some people create unnecessary stress about making decisions because they give ...

There are many steps to the application process for teaching positions and you should be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time preparing each application. Here are some tips to help you in your job search and the application process: Have a professional email address that is separate from your personal email address. Create an address using your first and last name or continue to use your University's email address, if possible. Check your voicemail message! If it has been awhile since you have listened to your voicemail message, please do so and be sure to change it to ...

As you transition from your college career into your professional career as an educator you will be experiencing many new beginnings in your life, one of which may include a type of stress you have never dealt with before. The great excitement of your first year teaching can sometimes be coupled with great stress and anxiety to meet the needs of your students, administrators, peers and parents! Here are a few tips I learned in a recent workshop to help you keep your cool under stress. Situation: 1. Clearly identify problem areas - a specific person or situation where communication ...




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