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Many educators consider the possibility of teaching abroad, but at times it can feel like a daunting endeavor. New teachers are excited by the opportunity to travel internationally and gain classroom experience. If, you are considering this option investigate the following: Attend an international teaching fair: There a few specific events related to this topic across the globe. In particular, The University of Northern Iowa's annual fair which will be held on January 30 - February 1, 2015 is a great one-stop-shop for locating positions. Preparation for the event should begin in November, since the candidates must build a file ...

Think Sherlock Holmes or Carmen Sandiego! An applicant needs to do more than simply know the school district's goals and mission - those should go unstated. Employers across the board, regardless of industry area, note that new hires need to know more about their organization and demonstrate that they took the time to do research in advance of their interview. As a follow-up to blog entry "Do You Really Want to Work Here?" in February 2014, candidates should have a strong understanding of why they want to be a part of XYZ School. Take some time to consider these strategies: ...

How do you address a challenging working relationship with your co-op? While student teaching is a learning experience, a student teacher is also providing an important service to a classroom and working closely with those institutions' students (as a principal once said, "the most prized possessions of parents"). I found it helpful to think about active listening skills that were shared with me by a previous professor when navigating tough conversations. Identify your purpose for listening. Most of the time a student teacher is listening to learn information. Believe it or not listening takes energy and requires attention. Try not ...

I recently heard the 2014 Teacher of the Year for Pennsylvania, Anthony Grisillo (West Chester University, '96), comment to a group of student teachers, "You are not teaching physics! You are teaching students physics!" This statement helped put my message to future educators in context with the comments of our education employers on our Career Center's Employer Advisory Board. When asked, "what are the top competencies (skills & experiences) that you look for your new hires?" one employer indicated "a passion for student success". How would a teacher candidate express that quality? Focus Job Search Materials and Interview Responses on (specific) ...




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