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1. What is the most commonly asked question during an interview? What is your classroom management style? As a recruiter, our principals are interested in how you plan to manage your classroom and if it fits into their schools' existing model/s, and also if you have additional techniques you have learned through student teaching. 2. So, Tell Me About Yourself. This question is to learn directly about you as a teacher. Think of this question as "So Tell Me About Yourself as it relates to teaching." This helps narrow down the information you provide and tailor it specifically to ...

STEP 1: RESEARCH What's the school's motto statement? New Software Implemented? School Recognitions? School's Report Card? Doing research shows that you have a true and genuine interest in that school district. STEP 2: PREPARATION Most Career Centers assist with Mock Interviews to provide feedback. Take advantage of all resources that are available to you now as a student or alum. Let the Career Center review your resume and give you tips to ace the interview. STEP 3: INITIAL INTERVIEW The School District has to be able to visualize you as a teacher working for them. Always maintain confidence and professionalism. ...

For some time now, expected graduates have been told that the market is very competitive for teachers, and how important various marketing tools are, i.e. resume. Of course an almost perfect resume is essential to gain interest from a perspective school district but what happens after you have secured the interview with your preferred district? What do employers look for? CONFIDENCE Eye contact Firm handshake (remember this goes for both men and women) Speak clearly (you will be in the classroom, show that you can handle speaking to a group) APPEARANCE & PERSONALITY Attire (dressing professionally says volumes about how ...

Your resume is the gateway to securing an interview with a school district. Please avoid some of the mistakes that job seekers make when developing a resume. See the following mistakes that you should avoid: TOO PERSONAL No pictures on your resume Do not put age or marital status on your resume Stick to the basics, while still developing a tailored, job specific resume!!! TOO LITTLE INFORMATION RELEVANT SKILLS make sure you are specific about your skills as it relates to teaching VOLUNTEER & STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS are considered experience and are just as relevant as your paid experience LIST THESE ON ...




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