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Increase your chances for success by being open to all prospects and possibilities; don't limit yourself when it comes to pursing opportunities or geographic locations different from what you originally planned. There is much to explore and consider in the K-12 world.

Never provide less than 100% - to both your job search, and to your efforts in the classroom. Always strive to "bring your best."

The process of securing a teaching job, as well as growing in the profession, is improved by making connections and networking. Make an effort to reach out and connect with others, share ideas, and support each other - both now and for future growth.

It is important to understand diversity at all levels - from student teachers who must gain additional experience working with diverse student populations via volunteer activities, to colleges and universities that need to make it a priority to place their student teachers in diverse settings, to school district administrators charged with staffing schools with diverse educators.

The first in a five part series highlighting tips for all parties involved in the teaching profession - from future educators, to those who prepare them, to the school district administrators who hire and support them in their careers.




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