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May 12, 2015

Reflective Student Teaching

Maintaining a journal of your student teaching experiences - good and bad - will allow you to reflect upon those experiences, and to grow as an educator.

May 05, 2015

Six DO's and DON'T's for Student Teachers

Tips and advice regarding what student teachers should do during their placement/s, as well as what not to do to put their best foot forward.

September 09, 2014

Balancing Student Teaching and Job Searching

Graduation is around the corner and your to do list seems to be growing faster than it is dwindling. You may ask yourself "How I can think about job searching when I have to finish student teaching, prepare for graduation and enjoy senior year?" The key to completing these tasks with as little stres...

June 09, 2014

Encouraging Effective Listening Habits: Working with Co-Operative Instructors

How do you address a challenging working relationship with your co-op?  While student teaching is a learning experience, a student teacher is also providing an important service to a classroom and working closely with those institutions' students (as a principal once said, "the most prized possessi...

January 22, 2014

Students as Community Members

It is about this time that many pre-service teachers are beginning or returning to their classrooms for their student-teaching experience. As you do so, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your personal teaching philosophy and what you hope to imbue in your students. Specifically, I enco...

September 03, 2013

September Job Search Tips

Since it is September, post-Labor Day, I will assume that those of you reading this are either professionals in the field, seniors about to graduate or recent graduates who haven't secured that permanent position and are looking for assistance (also known as "freaking out...."). First, for the rec...

March 05, 2013

Start Your Job Search Long Before You End Your College Program

The time to begin thinking about your career in education is not as you are ordering your cap and gown! You need to be strategic throughout your program to best set yourself up for a successful job search. All college and university Teacher Education Programs require some kind of classroom obse...

July 05, 2012

Keep It Positive: How to Use a Bad Experience to Your Advantage in the Interview

I had a student this past semester whose student teaching experience almost drove her away from wanting to teach. Her cooperating teacher was retiring at the end of the year and had already "checked out" from teaching. She was completely on her own in the classroom. She gave serious thought to no...

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