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If you took a poll of professionals in America, most would probably say they have heard of the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, but a much smaller number could actually tell you what it does and how it impacts them. In fact, I have worked with numerous people during my career who had never heard of the program. I am often asked, "Isn't FMLA what women go on when they have a baby. It's maternity leave, right? That's not something men can take advantage." Some of this misinformation can be attributed to employers doing a poor job of ...

This is a guest post by Teresa Daulong, Battelle for Kids' Strategic Measures Specialist. Teresa works daily with large urban school districts across the country to help every employee understand their impact on student success. With 16 years of experience working with organizations to improve performance, she believes that creating systems of shared accountability is the key to success both at home and in schools everywhere. How do you get your team focused? Do you have a clearly defined strategy and end goals? In sports, coaches share their strategy with their team at the start of each season and adjust ...

I've heard this conversation in past jobs, and I hear it working in school districts now: "(Enter employee's name) is just fantastic! What do we do if they leave? We will never be able to replace them!" Well, guess what--it's inevitable. People leave organizations. They retire. They are offered better pay or a promotion with another organization. They pass. They move to a different city or state. These are challenges HR professionals deal with daily. So when it comes down to it, organizations have two options: 1) complain, worry, wallow, moan, and pout about the possibility of people leaving, or ...

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently reported that there is a shortage of HR professionals. The news doesn't surprise me as more organizations and industries start to realize the importance of a highly skilled, strategic HR function. Many districts, for example, are hiring HR professionals for the first time. Why? It could be the result of a greater emphasis put on human capital development through Race to the Top, the Teacher Incentive Fund, and other federal and state programs in recent years. Others might argue that changes in teacher evaluation policy in many states have created a ...




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