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July 19, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Building a Strategic Plan for Your District

This is a guest post by Teresa Daulong, Battelle for Kids' Strategic Measures Specialist. Teresa works daily with large urban school districts across the country to help every employee understand their impact on student success. With 16 years of experience working with organizations to improve perfo...

June 04, 2012

The Balance: Benefit Costs and Job Loyalty

The cost of benefits is rising. We read about it in the newspaper. We hear it debated on television. Some of us see more being taking out of our paychecks every couple of weeks. But, what exactly does an increase in benefits costs mean for workers and organizations? As a human resources person with...

May 10, 2012

Great Teaching Should Be Recognized All Year!

I have written many posts on motivation and rewards in my tenure as an Education Week blogger. The basic principle behind any rewards program is recognizing a job well done, which is the mission behind Teacher Appreciation Week. May 7-11 educators, parents, students, and millions of other Americans ...

March 23, 2012

What Motivates YOU?

Image: worradmu / Are YOU motivated by money or making a difference? In follow up to my previous post, What (REALLY) Motivates People, we learned that responses may vary depending on your career, family and financial situation, and many other factors. Or, maybe there are othe...

March 20, 2012

What (REALLY) Motivates People?

It is important for talent managers to examine and discuss the underlying motivational and incentive theories connected to human behavior, management, and leadership. For centuries, psychologists have observed humans to understand why they do the things they do. Human resource professionals often lo...

March 17, 2012

Do You Prefer Satisfied, Engaged, or Loyal Staff?

As a talent manager, what type of staff would you prefer? A. Satisfied B. Engaged C. Loyal I would choose "D. All of the Above." Here's why. The majority of employee satisfaction surveys and programs look to measure a person's happiness with their job. Essentially, are the expectations of em...

March 07, 2012

MetLife Survey: 'Teachers Are Less Satisfied With Their Careers'

Today, MetLife released findings from their 2011 Survey of the American Teacher: Teachers, Parents and the Economy, which was conducted between October and November in partnership with Harris Interactive. It is the 28th version of the annual survey that reports on the satisfaction and perceptions of...

February 27, 2012

When Playground Bullies Grow Up: How HR Can Help

Over the past decade, there has been a growing national focus on bullying in schools with several states and districts implementing policies to address violence, verbal abuse, and intimidation between students. Sadly, we've not yet ventured away from the playground to investigate another group of bu...

December 28, 2011

Finding A Balance: Work vs. Life

I'll never forget when I was a young child my father taking phone call after phone call to assist his customers during our family vacations. I also remember as a teenager my mother answering our home phone at 4 a.m. some mornings to help resolve disputes between her employees. At the time, I wondere...

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