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STEM and Presidential Politics

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STEM is a hot topic in education, but a new survey by the Bayer Corporation actually calls for more attention about it from both U.S. Presidential candidates.

The study surveyed 100 Fortune 1000 executives and found that 95 percent thought the U.S. was in danger of losing its global position because of a lack of students studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, also collectively known as STEM. Fifty-five percent reported already feeling that shortage, says the press release. Almost all the executives surveyed (98 percent) felt that improving STEM education should be a major priority for both Presidential candidates.

For more information about STEM education, check out this year's Technology Counts report, which focused specifically on improving STEM education in U.S. schools. Also, to see what the candidates are saying about education in this election, head over to the Campaign K-12 blog.

1 Comment

You've got to wonder what the relationship is between our nation's ability, or perhaps inability, to teach STEM subjects and the recent economic calamities. I certainly don't think that there is a direct connection. However, if we were to examine causes and effects, I bet we'd find some kind of linkage?

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