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Clinton's Retribution? Blame Kennedy for NCLB


That's Bill Clinton, not Hillary.

In this story, the former president is blaming Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, one of the architects of the No Child Left Behind Act, for the "train wreck" that he says the law has become.

Hmmmm. Could this be President Clinton's payback for Sen. Kennedy's endorsement of Hillary Clinton's chief opponent, Barack Obama?


What do you suppose will happen if we really educate all of our children? Do we have the job market to support such a phenomenon if it occurs? If NCLB is a "train wreck" than it's time for all of us to stop looking at the horrific scene and take action, especially at the polls this November. My vote will go to the candidate who produces a plan that incorporates education into America's poliitical, social, and economic dream.

If Obama wins he should give Ted the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Ah yes, Slick Willy. While I loved the way our economy streamed ahead during his presidency, I never cared for him. Hillary, in my book, is another story. How she ever put up with that philandering myopic during all those infidelities is something I was never able to understand. Is this Wild Bill's vindictiveness surfacing for Kennedy's endorsement of OBama? You bet it is. "Train wreck?" How would he then define Monica Lewinski, Jennifer Flowers, et. al? Or should I ask, how would he define "is?"

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