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Duncan and the Problem States: 'Stay Tuned'


U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, in a wide-ranging interview with EdWeek reporters and editors on Tuesday, said his office is working on a way to get stimulus money to states where the governors don't want it. (Think Alaska and South Carolina.)

Basically, he told us he'd find people in those states who do "care" about kids' education, and find a way to work with them. "We are absolutely working with folks in those states who care passionately about their children's education."

And, he added, "We are looking to be creative and work with people who have a vision."

So, what will the Department do?

"Stay tuned," he said, without elaborating.

Watch the exchange here:


If South Carolina doesn't want money for education my school will use it!

Dear Arne Duncan and John Merrow,

Until you expose school administration corruption and the School to Prison Pipeline, you are throwing money down a black hole.

There is a School-Politico-Industrial Complex---institutionalized racism!

There is an unholy alliance between the schools, Juvenile Justice and Law Enforcement that is criminalizing the low socio-economic sector of our society; our children and families are mobilizing a revolution.

Visit sbschooltalk.com and expose school corruption, reform education, and restore justice and democracy in our schools and society.

Kate Smith 4 sbchooltalk.com

k8longstory 4 applecorpspress

Government institutionalized monopolies are not child friendly in the standardization of our children. Choice of parents to direct the upbringing and educational decisions by refunding our tax dollars to allow true freedom of market competition. I'm in SC and I agree with the governors refusal to accept the 700 mil stimulus to continue funding corrupt institutions at our expense.

The activation guided EEG biofeedback approach to the special education child could, in my opinion, meaningfully declassify 25% to 50% of these children in one year. We have collected the evidence over the past 10 years to give credibility to this statement. For more information go to chp-neurotherapy.com.
Kirtley Thornton,PhD

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