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NewSchools Venture Fund's Weiss to Oversee Race to the Top


The $4-plus-billion Race to the Top fund has a new master: Joanne S. Weiss, a partner and the chief operating officer at the NewSchools Venture Fund.

We’ve heard that Education Secretary Arne Duncan made the announcement today in a speech to the NewSchools Venture Fund via a video link.

Weiss will be in charge of the larger, $4.35 billion Race to the Top fund, which gives grants to states. Jim Shelton will be in charge of the smaller, $635 million Invest in What Works Innovation fund, which will give grants to school districts and nonprofits that make progress in closing the achievement gap.

Alexander Russo of This Week in Education fame is at the NewSchools conference, tweeting away, if you'd like to follow.

And in other education department personnel news, John White, the former spokesman for Prince George's County, Md., school system, is now the department's press secretary.

(Photo credit: Peter Bohler)



what "we hear that..." really means is "we read it on alexander's blog but god forbid he gets credit for breaking the news about the weiss appointment. " here's my post - note the time stamp.

May 19, 2009 | Posted At: 02:06 PM | Author: Alexander Russo | Category: On Maryland Avenue
NSFV: Live Tweets From Pasadena

Check out my tiny Tweets from the NSVF conference here -- including breaking news that NSVF number 2 Joanne Weiss is going to head Arne's Race To The Top fund.

Thanks, Alexander, for your comment. In fact, I found out the information in the morning, not from your site, but was respecting an embargo from my source. And, you'll notice, I did give you credit for "tweeting" the information.

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