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Update on the "DREAM Act"


CORRECTION: The following blog item that I posted earlier this afternoon contains an inaccuracy. The "DREAM Act" that Sen. Richard J. Durbin hopes to introduce as an amendment to the Department of Defense Authorization bill currently being debated on the U.S. Senate floor doesn't offer in-state college tuition rates for undocumented students. That provision was contained in an earlier version of the amendment but was removed in the version of the amendment filed in the Senate last week.

It won't be at least until next week that the "DREAM Act," offering some college tuition help for undocumented students, is put up for a vote in the U.S. Senate, according to a spokeswoman for U.S. Sen. Richard J. Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois and the author of the measure. The bill would permit undocumented students who graduate from U.S. high schools—and meet some other criteria—to get in-state tuition rates at U.S. colleges and universities. (See my earlier post, "The 'DREAM Act' is Reintroduced in Congress.")

A version of this bill—called the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act—was first introduced in 2001. In October 2003, it was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, but that's the farthest it's ever gotten in Congress. It has also been part of a couple of comprehensive immigration reform packages introduced in the U.S. Senate, but any of us who follow immigration issues know what happened to those proposals. They were not approved by the full Congress.

Sen. Durbin has put a new twist on his pitch for passage of the DREAM Act, according to a Sept. 20 article in The New York Times. He views the bill as a way to boost military recruitment. It would provide a path to legalization for undocumented students who agree either to serve in the military or attend college for two years. The New York Times article features an undocumented youth who graduated from a U.S. high school in 2005 and would like to be legalized so he can join the military.

A Sept. 20 New York Times editorial urged passage of the bill, but critics say they oppose it because it's a form of "amnesty" for people who are living illegally in the country.


I think that Congress should give these undocumented students a chance in this country and a chance to advance in life. These childrens parents made the decision for them to come here illegaly and they shoudnt have to pay for there parents mistakes. I say give them a chance for a better life

I say, let them come legal, pay their dues and then let them go to college.

Or, just let your son or daughter go to the back of the line so an illegal immigrant can cut in front of them.

You make the call. It is your children's future at hand.

Call your senators, NO DREAM ACT.

Can you please update the "whole" article. This bill will no longer give these students the rights to in-state tuition. That's a huge change and may change people's minds about the bill. BUt as long as we have articles like these that don't have the most recent changes of the bill, there will be less support. Please i urge you to change the facts on here and stop misguiding the uninformed reader, thanks a million!

I hope the Dream Act passes. I support it. Give them a chance. They are assimilated they new the history of our country. Why would we pay to educate them through high school.....then tell them its better if they go to college and choose a career. But when they are finished with college. They really cant do anything with their degree. There is something wrong there. So I hope it passes.

Curious, those undocumented people pay all kinds of taxes in the state where they live, but don't deserve in-state tuition?
What is their purpose, being a subclass that subsidizes the natives' education?

It is a pity that more restrictions are added to placate the haters. They will never be placated.

i'm hoping the bill passes, ever since i came to the U.S. all i've ever wanted to do is join the navy and serve this country and pay back for all its given me, but i can't do that without a legal status i love this country just as much if not more than anyone else and i will galdly serve for it and give it my best, and i think i speak for alot of people in my position when i say we have grown up here like americans and lived like americans, and like americans we want to serve this country just give us the chance to prove ourselves.

Thanks for making the corrections to the article, I hope more people realize what this bill means to many of us.

i hope the dream act passes. It has been introduced since 2001. All of these students are currently living in shadows.. they are a great asset to this countr and they deserve to become legal, go to college and achieve their dreams.. Please urge your senators to add this bill as an admenment to the Department of Defense Authorization Bill.

Senators should reject the Dream Act, which is a huge amnesty with chain migration for millions (e.g., as soon as the recepients are over 21, they would be able to bring in their parents who broke the law to get them into the country).

Sen. Durbin's minor changes are basically meaningless. For example, although the section on in-state tuition was removed, recepients of the amnesty would be automatically eligible for in-state tuition anyway.

There are many other problems and loopholes in the Dream Act that I wish the MSM would report on, instead of repeating Sen. Durbin's talking points.

Bottom line: The "Dream Act" is a huge amnesty that is fundamentally unfair to middle class students, taxpayers, and foreign students and others waiting to enter our country the proper way.

I support DA, please call your senators and show support.
These students will NOT be able to bring their parents to the this country, especially if their parents are here illegally. There's no way they can adjust their parents status in the country, that's a huge misunderstanding.
Some of these kids, adults have paid taxes in their states, why not give them an opportunity to receive an education. We need people who are willing to work hard and against all odds to help our economy.
I don't think this measure will rob American citizens of a chance to attend college, for those who deserve it and work hard the opportunity is there.

I support DA, please call your senators and show support.
These students will NOT be able to bring their parents to the this country, especially if their parents are here illegally. There's no way they can adjust their parents status in the country, that's a huge misunderstanding.
Some of these kids, adults have paid taxes in their states, why not give them an opportunity to receive an education. We need people who are willing to work hard and against all odds to help our economy.
I don't think this measure will rob American citizens of a chance to attend college, for those who deserve it and work hard the opportunity is there.

The dream act is a mass amnesty, the recipient's WILL be able to petition for relatives. U.S. citizens first for any kind of college, lawbreakers deserve nothing.

Ever since i came here my goal was to study hard and hopefully go to the Army
but i guess those who think the Dream Act shouldnt pass, think that there is enough personel fighting in Ikaq. The United States was built my immigrants.

You realize of course that the amount of financial aid is limited, so this act takes money from low income American college kids and gives it to illegals.

You realize that the sponsors were trying to con people into believing that only 65,000 kids would be eligible, until the New York Times let the reality be known; 1 million eligible the first year.

You realize that once the illegals get citizenship, they can bring in their families. At 5 per illegal, the first year that would make 6 million. In 20 years, that is 1.2 trillion in unfunded entitlements at the present tax rate. Are you ready to double your taxes right now?

Of course if it passes, every family in Africa, Asian and India will be calling the USA to see if their kids can be dropped off for a USA taxpayer supported high school then college education, then citizenship for everyone.

How about kids here legally on visas? Many will have spent their whole life in the USA. How come they don't get financial aid and citizenship? Wrong race? Democrats only courting Hispanics?

What with international business, embassies, and marriage between people of different nationalities, there are millions of kids around the world in the same boat. But when they hit college age, they go back to the country where they have citizenship. No big deal.

I never lived in the USA until college. Nor did my husband. And I know tons of people who were brought up abroad.

Just think of the USA military. Lots of families spend their tours abroad, with maybe one two year stink in the USA. Their kids are not demanding their host countries provide them with financial aid for college and citizenship for themselves and their families.

No, the Dream Act is just a hugely expensive special favor to the Hispanic Community by the Democrats in an attempt to buy their vote. Given the demographics of any Dream Act back door amnesty, one has to wonder how it would get past not only the equal protection clause of the Constitution, but also the anti discrimination clause.

The Dream Act would give an opportunity for talented students. These students came to this country without knowing they were “breaking the law.” Children are not responsible for how they were brought to this country, they didn’t know. They have lived here in the States for most of their lives and done (I DARE TO SAY) even more than your average Citizen. There are many that have been Valedictorians, graduating at the top of their class and yet they are unable to pursue their education dreams. In California undocumented students are granted in-state-tuition if they meet a rigorous criteria, however many have graduated from some of the best universities in the country like UCLA, UC-Berkley, USC and are now in a limbo as they are unable to practice what they learned: this is an injustice! The Dream Act would allow them to finalize what they are: a positive asset to this community, State and country! Vote YES on the DREAM ACT!!!

I agree, it is funny how some are afraid this will take “rights” away from other citizen’s –college position is earned, these students have EARNED it with effort, hard work and dedication!!! Perhaps they are just afraid we are too much competition? Are they not good enough to compete with these students? Then why are they so afraid??? Then there are others that use the “taxpayers” banner, come on! This country takes taxes from legal and illegal just the same!

Support the DREAM Act!

im tired of the opposition calling the dreamers lawbreakers. they didnt break the law. their parents did. why cant they understand that those kids did not have a say in whether or not their parents bring them here at such a young age. i also hate the fact that they keep saying that the dreamers are going to be stepping ahead of some american citizens if DA is approved. the only american citizens that may get affected by this are the ones who dont care about their education. the ones who don't give a damn about their future. these kids want to continue their education and want to contribute to our society. why not give them a chance? i have friends that will be greatly affected by this measure. it is disturbing for me to read some of the comments that the anti-dreamers post. i just had to let go of my thoughts here. SUPPORT THE DREAM ACT!!

“Democrats only courting Hispanics?... No, the Dream Act is just a hugely expensive special favor to the Hispanic Community by the Democrats in an attempt to buy their vote.”
Lady, please do not further advertise your ignorance on this topic. Are Hispanics the only beneficiaries of the DREAM Act? The answer is: No. Asians, Europeans, etc…will benefit as well.
Learn the facts, then offer your educated opinion!


I hope that the Dream Act passes.I've been in this country since I had 8 months.I graduated from High School last year with two babies and this is the opportunity that I've been waiting for my whole life.

I hope that the Dream Act passes.I've been in this country since I had 8 months.I graduated from High School last year with two babies and this is the opportunity that I've been waiting for my whole life.

Contact your senators and tell them to vote NO on the dream act. If there is any money or benefits to be given, then give it to children of legal American citizens. There are many American families struggling to make ends meet and cannot afford to send their children to college. The illegals must be held accountable for their actions. When they crossed the border illegally, they also made that decision for their offspring. Let them all go back to their home countries and apply legally. We owe them nothing except deportation. I'm sick of their whining and demands. Take your Mexican flags and go whine to your own government.

@Carl (first post) others who believe "they shoudnt have to pay for there parents mistakes."

(1) It is not a "mistake" to immigrate illegally. It is not an unintentional act. So cut the crap with the "mistake" excuse.

(2) Children all over the world pay for "mistakes" their parents make. Jailed parents don't get to raise their kids. Their kids pay for it by not learning all they could have learned about "day-to-day" parenting (their kids pay the price by not learning how to be parents for their own children). This consistent cry about children paying for parents mistake sounds like a made for tv movie. The parents must pay. And when the parents pay, so will their kids. Next time illegal alien parents should be a better parent and obey the law. Even if they are not caught the kids pay the price of learning how to accept fraud and deception as a way of life.

I suppost the DREAM ACT!!! most illegal immigrants are hard workers, they work hard for their kids, and as a result many of these kids turn out to be good hard workers. They go to school and get good grades. Here in America these children learn that America is a place for Dreams, and not supporting the Dream Act would contradic everything that schools have taught them. As a AB540 student i don't want to take money from citizens, all i want is a chance to be someone. Support the DREAM ACT !!!!!!

One interesting thing is the world is opening up very fast and seems every body is aware of the change and of late the exodus seems to be shifting away from the US to eastern blocked which is currently accomodating foreign students from developing countries. It wont take long before other countries come close to compete with the US if not bypass US standards. It is not surprising that recent survey found that science and engineering classrooms are close to empty here in the US and one would guese why! Let the trend continue the way it is going with the awakening that now exists and we will see our comparision with European countries.

I played by the rules. I came here on a tourist visa as a child 17 years ago and petitioned for permanent residency through my uncle. It's been over 10 since the application started. Even if when the application gets granted, I still can't get it because I have aged out...You see....I played by the rules. But most of Americans don't really understand this legalization process. Everyone thinks you fill out this application and you're all set to go. It's an arduous process. There's multiple steps. Now,I've been one of the few who has been able to get a college degree. I'm American..just not on paper. Do you want to turn me away? I dream of becoming a doctor. I just want to contribute to this nation. Really, I played by the rules but the rules seem like they need a change.

SHANE. You are so right most americans think you fill out an application and you are set. My father filed for legal residency.........but that was 12 years ago. They say......oh when they granted legal status they are going to bring all their family over. Fist of all I dont find anything wrong with that it is totally legal. But second of all it takes so long for immigration to move on anything. I hope the dream act passes. Everyone needs atleast one chance. Go Dream Act.

One thing am lamenting over is how young school age teenagers who came to this country as todlers, went through elementary school here be detained in INS detention centers just because they are illegal? No where else these kids know but here where they grew up having been here over 10 yrs of their lives. As we can all recall, during immigration sweep it is unfortunate that the INS agents were not given proper guidelines on how to do the raids as to target groups. These raids affected so may young school teenagers whom some are still detained and majority have been deported while some opted for voluntary departure in orderlook for education else where as many were taken from schools. Why not tap into these young adults to get there education here and contribute to the society instead of having to import labor at higher costs? The 18 yrs - above schoolers who are locked up due to their immigration status ought to be let out to continue with their educations as this country will need their services in the future.

I graduated in May from a California university with a dual degree and was forced to turn down job offers because I don't have a social security number.I;ve financed my education on my own and legalizing students will not drain the funds as speculated. I've lived in the States since I was nine. I've been part of the American educational system since fourth grade. Unless the law changes, our country will see a loss of potential brilliant minds lost to other countries. Yes to the dream act please!

The strings of opposition to Dream Act listed here tell us that the reason people oppose Dream Act is, like many things, ignorance.

1. The bill does NOT give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, Bettybb and bernie. For the love of God, read the actual legislation before making your own opinions.

2. The kids WON'T be able to turn their families legal, Bettybb and rh.
a) When immigration office finds out that you stayed in U.S. illegally for more than 1 year, you are automatically banned from entering the country for 10 years after your deportation.
b) the "guest" application at this point sits somewhere between August 1999 and May 2001 (meaning that they are looking at application FILED at those times).
That's 10 years ban + 9-year bureaucratic delay + 3~4 years application process (total of 22~23 years). And that's if they are lucky.
Can the kids bring their illegal families here? Sure, but that's as probable as you getting struck by lightening.

3. Fed up citizen. You just advocated punishing kids for their parent's crime. And remember, deportation is a government-carried out punishment. So tell me, when was the last time we jailed a kid because their parents committed theft?

4. Also, Fed up citizen. All your argument is saying is "well, life is unfair." Well, in this case, we can make life fair, for once.

5. Current state of BCIS (Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service, formerly known as INS) is deplorable. There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of cases where LEGAL immigrants are TURNED ILLEGAL because BCIS can't process their application fast enough (currently, average time frame for processing from entry visa to work permit is 14~16 years). Hence, we have cases like Shane where immigrants PLAYED BY THE BOOK and STILL got screwed over because BCIS makes a inner-city DMV look like a German automobile factory.

Want another anecdote? A family moves to U.S., got lucky, and their application goes over smoothly (because the head of the family is a pastor, which is given special consideration). BCIS MISPLACES the applications for the Pastor's wife and two kids, and tells the Pastor that they'll resolve the issue no later than December of 2014! (This was back in 2003) Yeah. His kids were 14 and 15 at the time. Now they're both in college (smart kids), but guess what? They're technically illegal because BCIS can't find their application.

Want to complain about illegal immigration? Look at how legal immigration is being handled in U.S., THEN talk. It's like waiting at a DMV... for the rest of your life.

And now they dropped it again. Have fun trailing behind other countries in science and economics, America. Way to voluntarily brain-drain your own talent pool.

The number of illegal aliens who would
benefit from "the dream act" is dwarfed by
the amount of legal students in our
university system. Illegal Alien students
should be thankful for their free $100,000. education, compliments of the
U.S. taxpayer and pursue higher education
in their home country MEXICO,the richest
country in Latin America and the home of
Carlos Slim the richest man in the world!

Today it was announced that the President asked for an additional $46 BILLION dollars for Afghanistan, bringing current totals for Iraq/Afghanistan to $600 BILLION dollars. Projections are that the effort will reach 1 TRILLION dollars. What better way to divert attention than to make immigration, students, and children the hot topic. I'll be happy to engage in that discourse AFTER the war effort is straightened out. In the meanwhile, I can think of nothing better than investing in education and a highly skilled US workforce. I support the Dream Act.

I am a legal and educated Immigrant. I came to America and learned to love this country. Why doesn't America give them the chance to became legal residents and attend to the college.Please stop the hate!! Hitler passed away a long time ago.
These kids are human beings and deserve an apportunity!!!

Please help pass the Dream Act. I fall into the category of students that would benifit greatly from the DA, and unless you find yourself in any similar situation then you have no idea how hard it is to live a respectable life without the fear of having eveything youve worked for taken away in the blink of an eye. I didnt chose to come here illegally, my parents did and it was their mistake-they pay for that everyday-but there is no greater joy for a parent than to see their children succeed and follow their dreams. I cant even begin to describe the many times ive seen my mother cry because of fear that maybe we wont get the chance to pursue life and liberty and happiness. It isnt fair. It isnt fair that Ive worked so hard for 12 years, ive been president of Student Government, recognized nationally for my artwork, President of several clubs at school, involved with international aid and even domestic aid. I am a better citizen that most americans will ever be in this country. Ive met too many americans that simply pursue comfort and economic success instead of happiness and fullfilment in knowing that youve worked hard and desrved what you have. That is the immigrant mentality-humility, hardworking, and giving. Please help keep me in the US. Dont let this injustice continue. Pray!

Let me share my story, and you can decide for yourselves on what else could have I done. Or, if i really just want to take advantage of the American government by staying here illegally.

I came to the US in 5th grade through a student visa knowing zero english. All the applications and forms were processed by the people that works in the board of education in my town. I went through elementary school, middle school, high school and compeleted college with a B.S. degree. But hey, guess what? I am a illegal immigrant because some where down the line, the board of education made a mistake with my I-20 form during the transition from elementary school to middle school, and I was, illegal ever since. But the funny thing is, noone ever told me that I became illegal until the 2nd year of my college career. I went through all the schools thinking that I am obeying the rules and the laws of this country. So, with that being said, I have been illegal for quite many years now, and now I am stuck in a place where I have a degree in Genetics, and can no longer continue to pursue higher education such as masters or PH.D. Nor can I get a job legally to further advance my career. So please, tell me, what could have I done differently so that I would be "playing by the rules" for those of you who feel that all the illegal immigrants are illegal because they choose so. I am pretty sure that my case is not rare, and many people out there have been obeying the law, and some where down the line, they became illegal before they realize what was going on.
Here is what I am thinking though, the world economy is going to change drastically in the next several years. For all of you out there reading this forum and trying desperatly to gain citizenship in the US. Do consider whether or not that all this effort is worth it just so that you can have the same status as everyone else in this country.

19 years ago i went on the biggest road trip of my life. at age 7 i was scard because i didnt want to leave my friends, my hous my toys. now im on the verge of graduating from college cum laude with an engineering degree. but theres a huge wall placed infront of me. i wasnt born in the right place or at the right time. so what can i do? i can continue to work my burger king job while i quiely review all the massive formulas i learned in school while im taking your order. or i guess i can shoot higher and get a janitorial job or maybe even become a landscaper, im sure my schooling will be of great use in all these fields.
but instead im leaning towards moving to europe, where ill work my ass off so that sooner or later i can start my own company and look for talent in the US, the only requirement ill have is that all the engineers ill hire must have earned their degree while working two fast food jobs while attending school fulltime.
dont be stupid. look past that "lawbreaker" "theyre stealing our country" mentality and realize that as the economy becomes more gobally focused these kids will only become an asset.

as for me, im sure ill eventually make some business trips back to the states.

i do not want the dream act to pass. i had nothing to do with these kids entering this country ILLEGALLY . why should i pay the education costs ?

Hey Bill, either you are just blessed with ignorance or your reading comprehension needs some work. A lot of these people, myself included, entered this country ***"LEGALLY"*** let me just make that clear for you really quick. But due to a variety of reasons, mostly because the immigration in this country is broken, and takes about anywhere from 1-20 years to process 1 green card so that most of us end up illegally in this country.

Thumbs up for those who support the Dream Act! Thanks for your support........... For those who are on here that talk about

"Or, just let your son or daughter go to the back of the line so an illegal immigrant can cut in front of them. You make the call. It is your children's future at hand”

First of all you make the plans & decisions for you children’s future heck you even pay their tuition but at the end your children end up misusing that opportunity by dropping out, Partying, getting high, and just "hanging out" with their buddies. And after all they end up with no real college education & not to mention working a minimum wage job!!! For the ignorant ones that say
"(e.g., as soon as the recipients are over 21, they would be able to bring in their parents who broke the law”
You really should get your facts right before you make a fool of your self AGAIN because the Dream Act is not only for children under 21 its for the ones that meet the HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE requirement. We may come in illegally but we don’t come to terrorize this country like the terrorist did, they came in LEGALLY and for what? Does " 911" ring a bell? Lots of us did not have a choice to come but we make the best of it for a better life. For those who talk about taxes doubling and all that non sense crap. Hello we pay taxes too! Ever heard of the (ITIN) which means Individual Tax Identification Number which we use to pay taxes... You know what I really find hilarious is that all these haters who consider them selves Americans talk all this non sense and quote immigrants as law breakers who came illegally to the country. I wonder what you call your selves. the words American Indians should tell you something. You should really look back into your history. Thank you all for your time and SUPPORT...Yes on the Dream ACT... Please call your Senators.

hi there. as many of you I support the DA and I believe Americans should be thAnkfull they were born with a social sec number stapled to their behinds and like many immigrants ,work it off...... Then come back crying about no dream act. I know I deserve it. All of us should get a chance . I'll be someone. Not a complain hill billy flippin burgers n complaining

how can I get in touch with my Florida senator to give him my piece of mind

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