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Bilingual Education is Addressed at Ed Department Conference


I mention in this week's Education Week how bilingual education got a lot of attention at last week's summit on English-language learners, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, in Washington. The educational method received very little attention at the previous five annual conferences on this group of students.

I worry a bit about sounding like a broken record in continually reporting on whether the various entities of the federal government are giving credence to bilingual education, but the debate over whether it's better to teach English-language learners through bilingual education or English-only methods is highly political, and I'll continue to keep track of it.


The research is IN and the results are (worldwide, not just US), that the more knowledge of a native language (literacy, etc.), the better and easier the transition to English. Period. The DEBATE itself is political, not the research.

BTW, just learning a second language (even as a foreign language), has been proven to improve cognitive ability by brain researchers!

A cornerstone to our democracy is that decision-making is not supposed to be driven by dogma or personal opinion. When the door is closed to examination of facts and data, there is a problem. However, there is much absent when it comes to teaching English to ELLs.

Technology and resources are now available for success. It seems that it’s the desire that’s missing...


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