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ELL-Friendly Charter Schools in Philadelphia


Four of Philadelphia's 63 charter schools were established particularly to serve English-language learners, according to a blog post over at The Notebook, "an independent voice for parents, educators, students and friends of Philadelphia Public Schools."

What's one way that a charter school (or any school, for that matter) can be friendly to families with ELLs? Invest in simultaneous translation equipment so parents can figure out what's going on at school events and meetings.


Thanks for linking to our article! It's from our edition of the paper last fall. Each edition of the Notebook is organized around the theme, and that edition was about immigrant students. If anyone would like to read more about ELLs in Philly, you can find several other articles here.

It's important not to isolate ESOL students from native speakers and yes make sure there are translators are around. Translating "equipment" can be found for free on the Internet and is not substitute for people translating. Books, materials, teachers and adults who know a language also. The biggest thing is to have certified TESOL and Bilingual teachers and Pennsylvania is the one state in the nation without anything. Why the need to invest in charter schools when they can even make sure there are TESOL and Bilingual teachers around? And the only thing PA has offered is 6 credits to general ed teachers on how to teach ESOL students? Be very concerned.

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