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Arne Duncan in the NRA's Cross Hairs


The National Rifle Association's monthly magazine has deemed Education Secretary Arne Duncan the "most anti-gun" member of President Obama's cabinet.

The America's First Freedom magazine devotes its cover story, a four-page spread called "Education at the Extremez", to Duncan.

The magazine labels Duncan as such because the new education secretary, when he was superintendent of Chicago Public Schools, declared that children and guns don't mix--and even won an award from the anti-gun lobby (which Duncan touts in his official biography.) The article also calls Duncan out for encouraging students to participate in a poetry, art, and essay contest about anti-handgun violence. And the author warns that Duncan, even as education secretary, can have a big influence on federal gun policy.

The article reads:

He can incessantly and hysterically use his bully pulpit to promote repressive gun control as an absolute necessity "for the children." ... What he has done to support the gun-ban movement in Illinois he can now do on a vastly larger scale. Moreover, the Department of Education publishes a vast amount of regulations and policy guidelines that affect public schools through the nation. There is every reason to be concerned that Duncan will turn the Department of Education into a tool to promote a gun-ban agenda in America's public schools...

Although Duncan is sure to take a lot of heat for big decisions he makes as education secretary, keeping guns out of schools probably won't be one of them.


A substantial number of Americans might disagree with Secretary Duncan and his blanket statement that "guns and kids don't mix". Gun club activities are seen by many as a constuctive method to teach children responsible firearm use. Hunting trips are a family tradition to literally millions of Americans with children. The proponents of these activities point to the benefits of gun awareness and gun safety as well as the obvious positive aspects of spending quality time learning from family role models. Another possible positive could be the that in these difficult financial times the meat provided by hunting could supplement healthy family diets.

Perhaps the incedent that most exemplified the anti gun leaning of the secretary, in the eyes of the NRA, was not the art and poetry contests (which could not be won by a student who supported responsible gun use)but the use of children at the State Capitol to support groups intent on tougher gun control. These children missed school to be bussed, at public expense, to the capitol where they were lined up behind gun control proponents, to sway the legislators about to debate tougher gun restrictions, irregardless of the personal feelings of the student or their parents.

The concerns of many education groups around the country already include the number and type of restrictions and conditions tied the the availability of federal funds to assist struggling school systems. It is not hard to imagine the personal feelings of Secretary Duncan in regard to 2nd Ammendment Rights being included in the already daunting task of qualifying for much needed federal funds.

like a lawyer or doctor one day he will have nned of a gun and when they are no longer avaible it may be too late.Like the people who abuse dogs to use them to fight.Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap along with guns,the people who abuse dogs or guns are respondsiable for care and teaching dogs and people about how they should be treated and edcuataed about dogs as well as guns.Either by lack of training or over training will the worst things happen when either one is invloved or cared for by or with humans.Don't throw out the baby with the bath water?the dogs only respond to stimulus that is given them,if they are taught to be mean then that's what kind of animal you will have.Its the same with guns?Ifyou don't teach guns saftey you will have some one hurt do to the neglecting the importantance of gun saftey.Guns don't kill people,People kill people,it's the same with dogs? owners think it fun to s teach a dog to attack on command,they forget how to teach them when to stop.These people shouldn't be allowed to own certain guns or animals just so they can abuse them for thier own pleasures,that's sick! When the time comes and it will that you call for help and police are "No WHERE TO BE SEEN"and they say they can't do anything until the intruder breaks the law or harms some one?what this means in plain lanauage is he has to shoot,kill,or maim you before you can get protection.If you like to gamble with your life or the life of your loved ones,give up your guns or dogs and it will paint a target on your back.Some one with a firearm or a well train animal will save your life or the life of your loved ones,If you think this world is safe don't go out after dark?

The Constitution is being trampled.

Until we see that we need to keep it, to keep this country great, we are doomed.

The Second Amendment gives the individual the right to bear arms. Currently our rights are being whittled away day by day so government can birth us, wipe our butt, feed us and tell us when & where to die. Doesn't seem like that was the program they had in mind in 1776.

All the politicians want us to do is to throw up our hands and just be "sheeple".

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